Monday, July 19, 2010

News about the News

I want to share some links to stories in recent news that are related to one another. Whether these stories involve censorship, limitation of press coverage, or violence towards journalists it seems to me that--WORLDWIDE--the freedom of press is under target. And while I take issue with the quality and integrity of many news sources in the United States, I still think that unfiltered access to individuals, events, and operations worldwide is essential for us, as global citizens and as siblings, to hold each other accountable for our actions.

Headline: "Sudan's 'brutal' war on dissent"
The Sudanese government has been accused by human rights campaigners of running a brutal campaign of torture and intimidation against dissenting voices in the country.

Headline: "Photographer Harassed by BP Security, Detained by Police While on Assignment at BP Texas Refinery"
We speak with Lance Rosenfield, a freelance photographer who was hired by ProPublica to take pictures of BP’s Texas City refinery that had spewed thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into the skies. While on assignment Rosenfield was followed by BP Security and then detained by local police.

Headline: "Journalist gunned down in Athens"
A Greek journalist has been shot dead outside his home in Athens, the first murder of a reporter in the country in more than 20 years.

Headline: "Scientist Working With Government Says BP Restricting Access to Study Gushing Oil Well"
As the BP oil disaster enters its 77th Day we speak to a scientist leading a team of researchers trying to get access to the well to better study what is happening at the site. Dr. Ira Leifer, who’s on the federally appointed Flow Rate Technical Group, says BP is restricting his access to study the gushing oil well.

If you have time to read these articles, I highly suggest it. If not, just please keep your eye out for corporate or legal entanglement with the sources we heavily rely on for truthful portrayal of happenings worldwide.

Until next time I remain a clamoring mammal gnawing on the gristle of injustice

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